Quick Reference List of Seminars


Electrical Training Seminars

E600 Electrical Troubleshooting

E601 Motor Controls and Troubleshooting

E602 Ladder Diagrams

E603 Grounding and Bonding

E604 AC Motors

E605 AC Motor Controls

E606 Basics of Industrial Electricity

E607 Electrical Safety

E608 PLC Basics

E609 Variable Frequency Drives

E610 Electrical Systems/Transformers

E611 Electricity for the Non-Electrician

E612 2017 NEC® National Electrical Code

E613 Instrumentation Measurement and Control Basics

E614 NFPA 70E Arc Flash

Mechanical Training Seminars

M400 Achieving Excellence in Maintenance Management

M401 Environmental Compliance

M402 Confined Space Entry

M500 Basic Shop Math Refresher

M501 Mechanical Troubleshooting Techniques

M502 Bearings

M503 Lubrication

M504 Mechanical Drives

M505 Precision Alignment

M507 Fans and Blowers

M508 Vibration Analysis

M509 Air Compressors

M510 Precision Measurement


M512 AC&R

M513 EPA Preparatory/Certification Course

M514 Boilers

M515 Welding

M518 Pipefitting

Fluid Power Training Seminars

M516 Pneumatics 

M517 Hydraulics